The 29 Best Roofing SEO Tools to Boost Rankings in 2022

Roofers dislike SEO, and for a good reason. Most roofing SEO agencies provide mediocre services. Just ask Backlinko, who reports that 70% of consumers dislike their current SEO provider. And who can blame them? Most agencies don’t understand the contractor lifestyle. Most marketers have never had the[Read the Full Article]

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7 Revealing Florida Local SEO Statistics for 2022

Florida local SEO statistics reveal granular insights into how Florida businesses can benefit from search engine optimization in 2022. At DataPins, we know a thing or two about helping Floridians rank online. Google implemented the pigeon update in 2014. Over the past eight years, it has shifted[Read the Full Article]

Posted: | Updated: Sep 21, 2022 | Categories: Local SEO

#1 Google Maps SEO Guide (w/Ranking Factors + Local Tool)

Google Maps SEO can be confusing for local businesses since it’s based on a separate algorithm from Google’s organic search results. The Google Maps algorithm uses three primary ranking factors: proximity, relevance, and prominence. In the following guide, DataPins will outline Google Maps ranking factors and[Read the Full Article]

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The (2023) Guide to Multi-Location Website Design (w/Insights)

Multi-location website design presents various hurdles that require unique solutions. Businesses with multiple office locations often face extraneous challenges with their website, SEO, and digital marketing campaigns. As a result, DataPins produced a guide to help you maximize your efforts. If you require a multi-location[Read the Full Article]

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