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For roofers, reputation management is vital to maintaining and increasing consumer interest, trust, and retention. Because of how Google’s local search algorithm is constructed, reviews matter a great deal to local SEO. Roofing companies that demonstrate credibility in a particular service area can rank on Google in those zip codes, even without their primary business address being located there.  Aside from the SEO benefit of reputation management software, roofers with a number of positive reviews will also convert at a higher rate than competitors. Because consumers gauge trust based at least partially on review ratings, both the quantity and quality of such reviews matter. Aside from Google, reviews on Facebook and Yelp also matter.

Why Roofers Need Reputation Management Software

It’s easy to see why a good reputation helps roofers get more customers and keeps them coming back when services are needed. But establishing such a reputation takes work and not just on the ground with your services, but also online with your digital marketing campaign. A series of tasks are required to both establish and maintain a roofing company’s standing in one or more communities. Software like DataPins makes these aspirations a reality and does so without you needing to get involved in the grind of internet marketing and reputation management. All you need to do is conduct pinning on job sites so you can rank everywhere.

Convert Roofing Customer Prospects

Finding a local roofer online is one thing, but trusting them enough to use their services takes us a step beyond. After all, a great website that is properly optimized can rank on Google for certain keywords, but to really convert leads at a high-rate, the visitor must be able to verify your reputation through 3rd party platforms like Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp. It helps when reviews from these 3rd parties are integrated onto your company website so that social proof exists without the user having to go to each individual site to find out what your reputation is. With DataPins, you can display all of your reviews from 3rd party platforms like Google My Business, directly on your homepage, review page, and local city page. As visitors see that you provide the service in which they are interested, and also have reviews from credible sources to confirm that these services have been performed within their area, they are going to convert.

Local Roofer GMB Reviews

Expand Your Service Areas

Roofers often ask digital marketing agencies about how to rank for keywords in multiple cities. If your business address is located in Pinewood, FL for example, but you’d like to rank in the larger area (Miami), it is critical that you establish credibility within the Miami city lines. Now how do you do that? Through pin technology through DataPins. When you service a customer in the city of Miami, you will pin at their residence and take a picture of the job. This pin will be routed to your Miami city page on your company website and when that same customer leaves a review, it will be verified as from Miami, and also appear on your city page. As Google sees this user-generated content from a reliable and local source, your page gains authority. While this is often thought about in large cities, it can be done for any location.

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Improve Online Visibility

We noted that reputation and local SEO are closely related. Businesses that rank well on Google’s Local 3-Pack typically have a good reputation, in addition to an established presence in one or more service areas. Traditional organic search results can also be influenced by reputation, especially when the query has buyer intent and targets a local service (like a roofer). DataPins software helps roofers appear more prominently online, where it matters most. As potential customers view your business entities (websites, listings, etc.) they are exposed to your brand. Leads that are generated through your own brand exposure are far superior to leads you would buy from a 3rd party leads service. Exclusive leads convert at a higher rate and also have a greater chance to become a repeat buyer. The most efficient route to exclusive leads is through web presence and visibility. DataPins software helps you achieve this goal.

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Reviews Management for Roofers

Contrary to conventional wisdom, a perfect 5-star review rating is not ideal for roofers. Consumers suspect illegitimacy when they find any business with absolutely perfect reviews across the board. You’d rather sit between 4.5 and 4.9 on aggregate star ratings to achieve the greatest performance and earn the most trust. Aside from the rating itself, reviews can be a challenge to manage, especially for a full-time roofer. 

Review Responses

When someone leaves a scathingly negative review, someone must be there to respond to it in a calm and respectful manner. Review responses have value even for positive reviews. When potential customers see that you are responsive in both negative and positive cases, they are more likely to view you as a viable candidate. 

Negative Review Response

Review Platform Diversity

Reviews are most effective when spread across multiple sites. It also gives your company more validity when people can see that multiple sources have formed a reputation rating on your service. DataPins helps roofers manage reviews on multiple 3rd party platforms including Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Google is the most trusted and the most influential for SEO results, but each platform provides their own contribution to your roofing company’s presence.

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Review Presentation

Since spreading reviews through multiple platforms is best for credibility and SEO, it makes sense to have a place where potential customers can view all of these reviews at their convenience. With DataPins, that place will be your company website through the DataPins widget (compatible with WordPress and other CMS’s.) Reviews are displayed as a form of social proof so that visitors are convinced that your company is trustworthy and credible. 

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DataPins for Roofing Companies

For an all-in-one software solution for roofers needing reputation management, DataPins is a must-have. In addition to the pins and display widgets, DataPins is the best reputation management software for roofers who are looking to rank for local keywords. Local SEO is an integral part of DataPins software and really what separates it from most other software brands. Roofers can trust that this software will help them achieve all of their reputation goals.