Email Review Requests

Although SMS text requests are the most efficient way to generate customer reviews, email requests remain an effective supplementary option for contractors. Some customers still prefer email to text, especially those who are in the older demographic.

These individuals may be less tech-savvy and may feel more comfortable leaving the review via a desktop computer. Generating quality reviews on Facebook and Google My Business is imperative for contractors. In addition to boosting local SEO and city pages, reviews also help with conversions. The more positive feedback a company accumulates, the more credibility its business incurs online.

How Do Email Requests Work?

Once you finish a service, the DataPins app will email a review form shortlink to the satisfied client. It’s recommended that you also mention this request in person so that the individual can anticipate leaving a review. Using technology to facilitate the review process is proven to increase review frequency.

The truth is that most clients are willing to leave a review but find the process time-consuming or confusing. DataPins features solve each of these issues by facilitating a simple tract toward review generation.

Attracting Client Testimonials

If you look at the top review platforms for contractors, you’ll notice that Google and Facebook top the list. Google My Business is the most important review platform for contractors because it directly impacts the local search algorithm. Since the goal of SEO is to optimize for organic clicks, ranking in the Local 3-Pack is critical.

You can’t accomplish that without reviews which is why DataPins is an absolute must-have for local contractors. The best part is that DataPins review generation adheres to all of Google’s guidelines so that you can separate yourself from competitors ethically.

Appeal to Older Clientele

There’s no question that text review requests are the most efficient and effective method for feedback generation. However, older clients are more likely to utilize email requests. Why? Because they are oftentimes more comfortable with a desktop computer than their mobile phone.

On the PC, they can type out their review using the keyboard and click submit with their mouse or laptop pad. With a mobile device, they may become confused with the process, even if it’s extremely simple for the next generations.

Supplement Your SMS Requests

Although customers are most likely to act upon the SMS request, it never hurts to have a supplemental reminder in email form. When clients notice multiple review requests, they feel more urgency to react and also are more likely to remember to complete the task.

Out of sight, out of mind is one of the biggest deterrents to customers leaving reviews. It’s not that they are unwilling; they just put it off until they completely forget about it. DataPins prevents that from happening with supplemental requests.

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Are you a local contractor looking to boost local SEO with reviews? If so, DataPins is the best solution for you. Our software helps increase your reviews in an ethical manner and helps separate you from local competitors. Furthermore, the software provides pin technology to contribute to local SEO and increase sales.

In addition to working with local contractors like HVAC, plumbing, and roofing, our software is also available for other service area businesses (SABs). Any business that needs to increase Google Maps rankings and generate more reviews can benefit from DataPins.

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