DataPins: The Map Ranking App™

Turn your local jobs into thousands of keyword rankings on Google Maps.

#1 What Is DataPins?

  • An app that converts jobs into powerful local SEO signals.

  • A tool to capture and showcase more online reviews.

#2 Why Should We Care?

  • Our clients regularly earn Local Map Pack Rankings for Top Keywords

  • Users notice significant increases in call volume in less than 6 months

#3 Prove It Works!

What if you could win map pack positions and top 10 rankings in local search? Our users seem to like it!

With the DataPins pin tool, you can finally earn recognition for all the services you provide to the community. Each pin comes with photos, project descriptions, geo-coordinates, and schema tags to bolster your website performance and produce more leads. Pins also offer a fast and efficient means of gathering more online reviews, further enhancing your local rankings. All this power comes wrapped in a simple web app you can learn in less than 30 minutes.

Start getting credit for the hard work you pour into each and every job. Start showing off with DataPins!

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Dominate Local SEO and Reputation Management Today

It’s Pins, It’s Reviews, It’s Content, It’s Ranking – It’s DataPins

Local SEO Marketing Software

DataPins is a stellar reputation management tool, but its most impressive function is its local SEO marketing automation. Contractors should realize that DataPins solves all of your SEO problems. Your goal is to rank in the Local Map 3-Pack along with traditional organic search results. This software achieves both objectives simultaneously and empowers small businesses to rank prominently on local SERPs.

Local SEO Marketing Software

Schema Markup

Another major local SEO ranking factor is schema markup. Schema is an HTML code style that delivers easy-to-read information, also known as microdata, to search platforms for better indexing. Microdata is specific information that may be searched, reviewed, or looked at by clients. This information helps search engines to understand your site and your company. By adding micro schema data to your reviews, Google can index by location and topic, so your company reviews boast your team’s talent and offer a boost for the site’s SEO efforts. 

local seo tool ranking

Social Proof & User Generated Content

Your site can experience a better organic web ranking with our plugin—contractor pins, job site pictures, and user-generated content from reviews and pin captions. Our plugin automatically publishes the necessary data, links, and indexing, so content appears across various relevant web pages. More importantly, your reviews appear across all the different platforms, including through a widget on your website.

How Does DataPins Work?

DataPins works by distributing Jobsite pins to your website and local business listing and automating review requests for each successful job. Using the DataPins app, contractors can snap a photo (on your smartphone) of your latest job, write a concise and informative caption, choose your tags (i.e., roof repair, faucet repair, etc.) and let the software do the rest. The app automatically determines your location through smartphone technology, allowing it to distribute the pin to your website’s corresponding location page. DataPins makes local SEO easy.

Our Review Software serves multiple functions

The DataPins Pin Software includes:

  • Automated Local SEO: Rank higher on search engines like Google, which crawl your published pin data for keywords and relevant topics to boost your authority and help you dominate competitors on search.
  • Review Acquisition: Generate more reviews on Google and other review platforms to boost your online reputation and rank higher in the local map 3-pack.
  • Reputation Management: Convert more prospects with an improved reputation in the form of reviews, testimonials, and location-specific content.
  • Geo Location: Our pin software goes the extra mile for you. Not only can you get a better web ranking with pins, but we can help resolve the issue of incorrect location coding. Client reviews that also list their general location help our software to optimize your service areas better. Altogether, it can help create even more organic data, helping set you apart from the competition online.
  • Google Maps Optimization: While reviews are necessary for any business to grow, so is engagement. That means having clients engaging with your content either through reviews or searches. Our software helps to get you that engagement, which will help increase your map ranking.
  • Multi-Location SEO: Rank in multiple cities using our pin technology, which publishes location-specific job details on the corresponding city page.
Local SEO Marketing Software

Google Crawls Descriptive Captions and Uses Them To Rank Your Pages
Google Maps Rankings
DataPins is The Answer To “How To Rank Higher and Better on Google Maps”

DataPins Features

  • Pins

    Pin with your mobile app for geo-tagged social proof and local signaling. Rank on Map Pack and Organic SERPs for various local and service keywords. Outrank competitors for both long-tail and primary keyword terms.

  • Local SEO

    Effortlessly rank for thousands of local keywords on Google Maps and Google Search. DataPins does all the heavy lifting; all you have to do is perform pins.

  • Mobile App

    Snap photos for your pin using the mobile app. Give DataPins location access to pull your precise data location for maximum accuracy.

  • Reputation Management

    Request reviews automatically through SMS and email reminders. Quadruple review frequency while competitors remain stagnant. Match reviews and pin for ultimate social proof.

  • User-Generated Content

    Google prefers custom content from real users. Instead of publishing monotonous “city” pages like your competitors, you showcase pins and geo-tagged reviews for accurate user-generated content.

  • WordPress Importer

    Import your website’s WordPress pages into the DataPins app and tag pages based on services, locations, and more. Empower your website to publish pins on relevant pages automatically.

After a Successful Job and Check-in Review Requests Get Sent Via SMS

Generating Reviews Without Effort

DataPins is a great way to encourage your clients to review your company. Because DataPins provides multiple review platforms simultaneously, your clients’ reviews appear across many platforms. Through this easy-to-use review software, your clients can write one review to distribute to all the top review platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp. The software streamlines the review process through automated requests and direct links to avoid the typical inconveniences that come with reviews. Rather than require non-tech-savvy clients to find your review profile on their own, the DataPins review software sends your clients email or text links. From there, they can leave reviews on all search engine platforms.

Dominate Local SEO and Reputation Management Today

In summary, DataPins is an all-in-one solution to local SEO for contractors. The factors that influence local ranking are apparent: proximity, relevance, and prominence. DataPins addresses each of them through our software. Geo-tagged pins address proximity while tactfully distributed pins satisfy the relevance metric. Reputation grows with more reviews, which DataPins helps you generate through our request automation. Small businesses will never need another type of SEO software if they use DataPins.