Local SEO Case Study: Flooring Company in Minneapolis

A flooring company in Minneapolis, MN, used DataPins to expand its organic presence locally.

The company’s remarkable achievement of accumulating a substantial 110 pins is a clear testament to their dedication and effort in encouraging search engine crawlers to learn more about their specific flooring services.

The immediate impact of using DataPins was evident as reports from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEMRush showed significant traffic spikes.

Flooring Company Minneapolis

According to Google Analytics, the company’s yearly traffic increased by 45%, up to 2,200+ visitors.

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Google SERP Performance

When analyzing Google SERPs for flooring-related terms in Minnesota, it’s easy to determine why the significant traffic spike occurred.

Secondary services like hand-hewn flooring quickly emerged as the #1 ranking on Google in multiple cities.

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In the city where the company’s Google Business Profile is verified, they began ranking #1 on organic search for “flooring company” while also receiving additional SERP space for their Google Business Profile.

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Typically, searches like these return a Google Map 3-Pack, listing three competing businesses offering the same service.

However, this company’s signaling is so strong that its GBP appears as a knowledge graph, crowning it as the top flooring entity in that city.

Conversion Rate Increases

DataPins has helped this company convert the extra traffic through conversion rate optimization.

Original photos of flooring jobs throughout Minnesota have given visitors a sense of connection to the business.

Instead of stock photos or AI-generated images, users see proof of this company’s work.

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Ongoing Impact of DataPins

With the immense variations in the flooring space, the sky is the limit for this company’s organic traffic.

More than 60% of search traffic comes from hidden terms, so DataPins’ ability to rank for long-tail keywords is invaluable.

Over the next 6 months, this company is expected to sustain its current standing and increase traffic.