Local SEO Case Study: Roofing Company in Coppell, TX

A roofing company in Coppell, TX, sought ways to increase its local search visibility on Google’s organic results.

As many know, Google’s organic results consist of the Local Map 3-Pack and traditional organic (website) results.

This local company decided to try DataPins, our powerful Local SEO and reputation management software that consolidates E-E-A-T signals and injects them onto client websites.

Local SEO Case Study Coppell TX

The roofers held up their end of the bargain by quickly producing over 70 pins from recent roofing jobs.

Coppell Recent Pins

Win #1: Increase Google Business Profile Reviews

With the help of DataPins’ automated SMS and email review requests, this local company increased its reviews into the mid-40s in a short period.

Coppell GBP Reviews

Win #2: Boost Google Maps Rankings

After consistently doing pins, which were automatically tagged to their official business website, Google Maps began to crawl them and place their listing within Google Map 3-Pack results.

Coppell Storm Ranking

Win #3: Boost Google’s Traditional Organic Rankings

Ranking in the Map 3-Pack is a massive win for local roofers, but DataPins empowers you to expand your reach even further into traditional organic results. 

This roofer achieved the number one organic position for a keyword directly tied to a pin.

Coppell Water Test Ranking

Ongoing Benefits from Local SEO Wins

For this local roofer and many others, DataPins is the gift that keeps giving.

The rankings earned through pins are built for the long term as they are based on information from authentic jobs and projects and don’t require backlinks or other black-hat SEO assistance.

In addition, this company is continuing to produce pins, which will expand its visibility even more.

Coppell Google Analytics

As the company adds new services and materials to its project list, it can start ranking for those additional terms and phrases simultaneously.

Best of all, DataPins helps with conversions for those rankings.

So, as more people see this roofer’s Google Business Profile and official website, they will also see more reviews and more social proof from verified roofing projects.

As a result, both volume and conversions increase!