Local SEO Case Study: HVAC Company in Mesquite, TX

HVAC Company Mesquite TX (Case Study)

An HVAC company based out of Mesquite, TX, used DataPins to expand its coverage on Google and Google Maps for industry-related keywords.

The company did its part by using the DataPins app to produce 253 pins as of March 2024.

HVAC Mesquite Pins on Website

Check out an example below where a pin directly translates into a Google Search ranking.

Pin Example

Heatcraft Walk-in Pin

Ranking Example

Heatcraft Walk-in Freezer Pin Ranking

How DataPins Boosted Local SEO Rankings for this Mesquite-area HVAC Company

DataPins consolidates multiple signals to increase a website’s search visibility and E-E-A-T.

The signals include:

  • Schema Markup
  • Geo-Coordinates
  • Mini-Maps
  • Original Job Photos
  • Unique Job Descriptions / Captions
  • Customer Reviews

The sum of these parts is greater than their whole, so inserting one of these signals onto your HVAC website may have an impact, but combining one with all has a more potent outcome.

Organic Search Impact

The pin signals helped this local company rank for various keywords on traditional organic results, including long-tail queries like damper actuator repair mesquite tx.

Long-tail phrases like these account for nearly half of all web search queries and even more for local contractor websites.

DataPins has also allowed this website to rank for traditional service queries like ecm motor replacement mesquite tx, without requiring an individual page for this service.

ECM Motor Pin Ranking

Google Maps Impact

The long-tail impact of pins expands to this company’s Google Business Profile via Google Maps rankings. For example, the long-tail keyphrase runtru heat pump repair mesquite tx, which is pulled directly from a pin job description, ranks #1 on Google Maps and the Map 3-Pack.

As you might imagine, securing Map 3-Pack rankings is a massive win for a local HVAC company. It allows them to gain local searchers and convert them through a GMB listing.

Runtru Heat Pump Map Ranking

Reputation Impact

Using the DataPins review request feature, the company increased its number of Google reviews, further contributing to Google Maps rankings while driving more conversions. The ongoing use of the DataPins tool will allow for a consistent stream of customer feedback.

The reviews have already boosted rankings within the Map 3-Pack while increasing website clicks through the Google Business Profile interface.

HVAC Mesquite Reviews on Google Business Profile

The Ongoing Impact of DataPins

This local contractor has already achieved impressive results in less than two months of DataPins usage. Their rankings, visibility, and conversion rates will only increase as they continue to utilize the tool and its extensive features.