DataPins Reseller Program

You have probably heard the statistic that 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. The statistic highlights the importance of reputation management in 2021. Every small business can benefit from reputation management through online review platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. A company’s reputation directly influences its bottom line. DataPins provides the ultimate reputation management solution, and you can become a white-label or reseller today.

DataPins Reseller

Are you a digital marketing agency looking to resell local SEO and reputation management software? DataPins is the perfect solution. You can provide your marketing clients with innovative software that automates their on-page and local SEO while managing their reputation. Throw out all your other white-label tools for one centralized SEO solution. Your clients can perform check-ins and rank on Google Maps and Search.

Why Become a DataPins Reseller?

Reselling DataPins software is a no-brainer in 2021. The marketplace is unlimited, and the software solves every reputation and local SEO problem businesses face today. The software practically sells itself. Choosing to sell DataPins puts you at an advantage over other sales reps. You can pitch a software that every small business needs, and very few possess. Furthermore, DataPins’s cutting-edge check-in system changes the local SEO landscape in itself.

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What Features Can I Pitch When Reselling DataPins?

With DataPins, your sales should come easy. All you have to do is pitch our feature list, which will intrigue most small business owners. Take a look at some of the software’s top features:

These features don’t exist with other software but explaining them in laymen’s terms can help drive home the sale. For people who’ve never used reptation management software, this is what DataPins can do for them:

Build Your Brand: Associate your brand and Google homepage with extensive service areas and positive feedback

Create Social Proof: Enhance your reputation with documented and geo-coordinated proof of jobs throughout your service areas.

Generate More Reviews: Acquire more reviews from satisfied customers and make the review process simple for clients.

Rank in Multiple Cities: Show up on Google in multiple cities (not just your primary).

Rank for More Keywords: Rank for specific services on Google, along with particular locations.

Showcase Top Jobs: Feature your best jobs to earn the trust of website visitors.

Automation Unlimited

Many of the top DataPins features occur automatically. You might wonder how local SEO happens without manual changes, but it’s what DataPins does. When technicians tag their check-ins with locations and service types, the check-in publishes automatically on the corresponding webpage. The employee never has to touch the website, and they begin ranking for various keywords based on their check-ins and reviews. The best part is that user-generated content is the most trustworthy to Google.

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