Pagosa Springs Local SEO Services (with/DataPins App)

DataPins provides Pagosa Springs Local SEO plans for businesses in Colorado. Our services include the DataPins app, which helps your website rank on Google Business Profile in Pagosa Springs and nearby areas. As a bonus, you can showcase reviews and pins on your website.

Pagosa Springs Local SEO

Affordable SEO Services in Pagosa Springs

DataPins is a highly-rated SEO company in Pagosa Springs, CO. Our services include the DataPins app. We help websites rank faster than other agencies. In addition to the app’s features, our services include content writing, on-page SEO, and website design.

Custom Website Design

Every business needs a website that users can trust. Therefore, our website designs are compatible with the DataPins app, allowing companies to display social proof throughout their website. In addition, we insert calls-to-action CTAs on each of your service pages and homepage to increase lead generation. We also install a review slider.

On-Page SEO

Our on-page SEO services ensure each of your pages targets a proper keyword. In addition, our schema pins enhance your on-page SEO by validating your service and city pages with social proof. Pins include custom photos, captions, and schema code that match your keyword and service type.

Local SEO

Local SEO is the foundation for DataPins. Our pins insert geo-coordinates and schema markup to show Google that you serviced a specific area. Besides increasing local signals that help rankings on Google Maps, DataPins also helps your business generate more reviews with automated requests.

Off-Site SEO

Off-Site SEO signals like citations, backlinks, and brand mentions contribute to rankings online. As a result, the DataPins team ensures your business is appropriately listed in the best directories while helping build high-quality backlinks to your most valuable content assets.

The SEO Process for Pagosa Springs Businesses

As an affordable Pagosa Springs SEO company, we utilize the DataPins tool to enhance our standard SEO services. As a result, the app features contribute to on-page SEO, off-site SEO, website design, and especially local SEO. Let’s review these four SEO categories below:

Content Writing

Content is paramount for SEO as Google crawls website URLs based on content quality. In addition, high-quality content increases engagement from visitors and attracts backlinks from other high-quality websites.

Content differs based on the type of page. For instance, a service page generally has 500-800 words as the goal is to connect users with a call to action like a phone number. Therefore, users aren’t looking to read too much on a service page.

In contrast, blog posts will have more words (1,000-2,000) because they target informational keywords that users want to learn more about through reading. In addition, blog posts are the most likely to pick up backlinks and social media engagement.

Finally, city pages are similar to service pages but target a specific city. For most SEO agencies, city pages are challenging and look like spam. DataPins differs because of our app’s functionality which automatically displays nearby pins on the corresponding location pages.

Keyword Research

Keywords inform your content on service pages, city pages, and blog posts. Each page or post should target a specific keyword that we research based on search volume, difficulty, and opportunity. We research local keywords like:

  • pagosa springs plumbing repair
  • roof repair pagosa springs
  • hvac pagosa springs
  • pagosa springs foundation repair

Of course, the main factors in your keyword research are industry and location. For example, if you are a roofing company in Pagosa Springs, we will target keywords like roof repair, roof restoration, tile roofing, etc.

For blog posts, we will target keywords like tile roofing benefits. As for nearby cities, we will target similar keywords while adding the location modifier like roof replacement durango.

Google My Business Optimization

Most location searches deliver Google Maps rankings known as the Google Map 3-Pack. The 3-Pack SERP feature pulls three businesses based on their Google Business Profile or Google My Business listing.

At DataPins, we optimize your business listing to show up on as many local searches as possible. The three primary ranking factors for GMB are relevance, proximity, and prominence. 

Attaching your website URL and the DataPins app and related content to your GMB listing automatically transfers equity to your local map rankings. Other ways to influence rankings include generating more reviews and adding custom photos to your Google My Business listing.

Local Link Building

Link building is a controversial strategy in SEO because many of the most common methods violate Google’s guidelines. As a result, no person or organization can build links intentionally without technically breaking these guidelines.

The one exception is joining local organizations like the Pagosa Springs Chamber of Commerce. Businesses join directories like these all the time, not for the sole purpose of link building. You can also join industry-based organizations depending on your field.

Aside from joining directories, the best way to get links is to earn them naturally by creating significant content assets. For example, typically, long-form blog posts introducing statistics and other tangible data presentations will naturally acquire links from people citing the article.

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